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The Bible Online

We believe that the Bible is the most important book ever written

It can seem strange to people that Christians spend time reading a book that was written so many centuries ago. How can it be relevant today ?

It’s a good question. Yes, it was written a long time ago, by people without the scientific and technological knowledge which we have today. But we believe that God was also involved in the process; He inspired it: He caused the writers to put down the thoughts and words which He wanted.

So it is a reliable, trustworthy guide for people today. If you take time to read it, you will find that it provides answers to many of the deepest questions people ask. It comforts and challenges us. It gives people who don’t know what to believe, a framework within which to live out there lives.

Read the Bible for yourself. Check it out at or blow the dust off that copy that’s been sitting on your bookshelf!

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